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Creamy Vanilla Custard With Caramel,
Butterscotch, and Other Sweet Candy Notes.
It’ll fix your sweet tooth right up.

(82% VG)

Hissy Fit:

A mixture of melons and menthol that creates a sweet,
cool tingling sensation on your tongue. This’ll put a pep back in your step!


Y’all Crazy:

A Smooth Hazelnut Custard. Not Fruity- Just Nuts!

(87% VG)

Done Did It:

Fruity Cereal With Milk and Cream. Recommended to curb midday cereal cravings!
(85% VG)

I Reckon:

Ripe Melon Mixed With Juicy Berry
Flavors. For when you want to feel refreshed.
(90 % VG)​